Monday, January 6, 2014

She's a Keeper

This is a fake before pic. Haha!! So no this is not the exact same old entertainment center (as you can tell by the doors instead of the drawers), but it's close and I forgot yet again to take a before pic.     I wanted to find something like it so all could see how my wonderful hubby revamped this piece. This was a cheap thrift store find.  He pulled out the shelf thingy where the VCR could have gone, and took out the sliding doors and the hardware that went with them.  Then then put the nice sturdy shelves, and painted (my pick) it this beautiful buttery yellow.

We  call this color Glorious Morning.  It is one my favorites of our colors (even more so after this project) . It reminds me of that wonderful glow of a beautiful morning.

 Think I might just keep this one.  <hopeful smile> We'll see what
 Mr. Painter has to say about that. lol