Friday, May 31, 2013

Reflecting.... and Some Very Exciting News for This Summer

Does anyone else get a little misty-eyed when a chapter, in your life, is closing?? I told my little boy that it wont be just him and me anymore (in the normal daily routine).  Today is the last day of school for my girls, and then next year they will ALL have school.  WOW!!! Where does the time go??? Just can't keep them little.  :D  And there is much more fun in store as they grow up.   I guess enjoying the present, at whatever stage, is all you can do.  

Anyway now on to the exciting news!!!   We are going to be vending at The Public Market at The Village at Meridian, this summer.  Go take a look at the pictures on the fb page.   I CAN'T WAIT!!!  We will be selling our paint, furniture, and odd and ends.  :)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Boring Brown to Lovely Lavendar

This cupboard was made over by the creative and talented Colleen @ Serendipitous II. She used our paint, which she also carries in her shoppe.  I wish I could visit her shoppe in Maine.  She has a lot of cute stuff!     You can check out Serendipitous II on Facebook.


 Don't you just love this cupboard makeover?!?!?! I do!! But big surprise, right?  If you've read my blog you know I love this color. :D  We call it rhapsody.  It just one of our 25 colors. Check them all out on our website.
We will be adding some new colors to selection.  Be sure to check them out in the next few days.

Thanks for the pictures, Colleen!!!!!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Things That Make You Happy

Isn't that a wonderfully interesting title for a book?  Recently, my daughter picked up this book at a thrift store and we were both intrigued.  It is a stream of consciousness list (yes a very, very, VERY long list) of things that make the author, Barbara Ann Kipfer, happy.  Just reading a page puts a big ol' grin on my face.  And since starting to look at it, I've had things pop in to my head, and I think "that would go on my happy list".  :D So I think I will start a happy list.  And maybe sometimes I'll post some of it.  Here a few of my favorites from the book:
 toddlers' vocabulary
Amish buggies
Cloudy days and sunny thoughts
attic junk
breaking for rainbows
true, lasting values
weathered docks on tall stilts
a cathedral of trees
unimprovable culinary combos like champagne and caviar, milk and graham crackers
taking a walk when the world is too much
people who know where they stand with you
yard sales
a silly bubble of anticipation 
Eccl. 3:1-13
knock-knock jokes
killer scrabble games 
fresh produce

I could really go on and on.  This book makes me smile!!


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ahhh... Back in the Saddle

Well, getting back to work. :D 
I have been lacking in time for posting or painting... or quilting!!! We sold and ton of stuff from the beginning of march until the beginning of April.  Then there was the packing and the moving, and the unpacking. Then there was the semi-repacking and moving everything to the garage of our new place, to have it cleaned of pet dander (Hubs is allergeric to cats.)  :) Point is we're past all that!! Thank goodness! HaHa  We are now happily settled in the Treasure Valley, in Idaho.  So... I get to go back to blogging and painting and quilting + gardening  (now).  We have a beautiful big back yard.  It will be lovely once we get it back in shape.  
One of my first projects here.  I picked this sweetheart up, at a thrift store as-is yard, for only $5.  Can't wait clean 'er up and paint!!! Come back and see what we do with 'er.  :)