Monday, December 10, 2012

Outta the Funk!!!

I've finally set up my sewing machine.  I haven't quilted in... ohh about 9-10 months.  So this is my new sewing room, ha ha. It is actually my dining room.
While I was visiting Tennessee my Mom, Johna'lee (the one I acquired after I married) showed me a quilt she intends to start, and suggested we each make one.  I've always wanted to make a sampler, and so I've started... 
The book we're working out of is called the Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt.  It's been a fun book to read.  All the blocks were inspired by letters written in the 1920's by farm wives.
It's going to be a scrappy quilt,  so I don't have to just pick one or two colors.  Yay!!! I really like a lot of different colors.   : D

A bunch of fabric I have out for this project. 
Oh the funk? Well since I got back from Tennessee I've just felt revived!!  Inspired anew to create and live, make memories instead of just float thru life, without accomplishing anything. So what did it?   A little vacation? Seeing Johna'lee put on a wedding, at her house, with like 5 days to prepare?  Seeing that newborn babe? New year coming up (resolutions)?  Maybe some of all of it.  Whatever it was it feels GOOD to be out of the funk.  So expect more posts... :D 


John'aLee said... sweet thing! I can't believe that just moments before you posted this I asked you on FB if you were ready to get started next week! And here you already have some blocks done!! Did you get the book from the library? And do you have the cd? Love the blocks girlie! It was so great having you back here. I couldn't have pulled that wedding off without your help! Love you!

Dori at The Red Feedsack said...

I wanna be part of this project! I need to zap a note to John'aLee and get some details! :-) I'll look on Amazon and see if I can find the book. Wish I could've seen you in TN... however, I was probably in New Mexico at the time? Were you here for Thanksgiving? Hugs to you.... Love your blog.

Vicky Brison said...

Lucy!! i'm kinda new to the blog fact you should cawl me cus I def have some questions about how to get started and yours rocks so I figger you could advise an old person like me on how to go about it. love your room and your stash...cant wait till my stuff can get out of the packing boxes and have a perm place to reside...Uncle Dale has promised me a "ROOM" on the south side with big windows looking toward the mountains...yea! love you sissy.. I will call you soon...Aunty Vicky