Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ahhh... Back in the Saddle

Well, getting back to work. :D 
I have been lacking in time for posting or painting... or quilting!!! We sold and ton of stuff from the beginning of march until the beginning of April.  Then there was the packing and the moving, and the unpacking. Then there was the semi-repacking and moving everything to the garage of our new place, to have it cleaned of pet dander (Hubs is allergeric to cats.)  :) Point is we're past all that!! Thank goodness! HaHa  We are now happily settled in the Treasure Valley, in Idaho.  So... I get to go back to blogging and painting and quilting + gardening  (now).  We have a beautiful big back yard.  It will be lovely once we get it back in shape.  
One of my first projects here.  I picked this sweetheart up, at a thrift store as-is yard, for only $5.  Can't wait clean 'er up and paint!!! Come back and see what we do with 'er.  :)

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